This is us


We strategize like a felini.
We execute obstacles like a cobra.



Cobra Felini is a South and North American writer, artist, and psychologist. She was always a fan of Carl Jung, which is why she extensively studied personality archetypes.

All creative ideas emerge from her, from a slogan to a tech device.

She is an expert in rehabilitating blocked creatives.

Her friends say that she can read people with a single look, something like a supernatural gift.

She must create, if she doesn’t she may fade…or become a menace to society.

She can’t stand people who don’t keep their word.


Archetype: Storyteller
Spirit Animal: Cobra & Jaguar

Executive Brand Strategist


“Jenny B.” aka “Cobra” is an entrepreneur specializing in branding strategies, lntellectual Property, Contact Lifecycles & Management, and developing business roadmaps. She has over 20 years of experience as MINDBODY advocate (she changed two laws in the state of Texas with her efforts from 2010-2012), leader for inner and outer peace, and avid supporter of animal conservation and welfare.

Jenny is a visual thinker and astute in seeing the big picture and managing creative talent. Brainstorming sessions are her superpower.

She is proud of her legacy as a yogapreneur and finding animals loving homes. Her friends call her Jenny “Appleseeds” for homing fostered, surrendered, or abandoned animals. Animal welfare is her passion outside of branding! Her family consists of five large feathered and six four-legged creatures. Jenny is a true pack animal.

Her Chinese Zodiac is the Dog, and Western Zodiac is a Leo/Cancer Moon (Vedic – double Cancerian), Numerological designation is the #1! Let’s do this!

Jenny can’t stand coleslaw. Keep it as far away from her as possible. You’ve been warned!

Archetype: Advocate
Spirit Animal: Snake & Jaguar

Brand Researcher


She studied Fashion Design because always loved the language of fashion and everything that can be told through it. She also has studies in brand management and digital marketing strategies.

She has always been passionate about graphic design which she studied on her own and now she puts it into practice creating inspiring projects and concepts.

Among her hidden talents is cooking, being an oracle for her friends and also dressing brands to make them look stunning on the first date with their target audience.

She can’t stand false humanitarianism.

Archetype: Detective
Spirit Animal: Melanistic Jaguar

Creative Director


He decided to study advertising and marketing after seeing a commercial of a scarecrow driving a car.

He is in charge of finding the perfect words for a brand to say everything he has to say.

Naming is his favorite sport.

He is proud that in his DNA there is a percentage of indigenous people from the Amazon.

He can’t stand brands that say a lot but do nothing.

Archetype: Poet
Spirit Animal: Jaguar

Art Director


Publicist, graphic designer, art director and iconic chairs hunter.

He feeds on all kinds of design, he is something of a designivore.

It will tell you what is wrong with every logo that comes across his life and how to improve it.

He doesn’t lose any pixel of sight.

He is the person you think of when you need to find the sweet spot between beauty and function.

If you give him to choose between designing a corporate image or going to an art museum, he will not know which to choose.

He dreams of a world where he can work more with people than with their ego.

Archetype: Networker
Spirit Animal: Hawk



At a young age, she decided to study philosophy after writing diaries full of existential questions. She though she was going to devote to research the history of photography in Colombia, but she preferred to devote her working efforts to mitigate the ecological crisis focusing in communication.  

She is in charge of turning all the -hard to digest-information and data into sensitive texts that reach emotiveness of people.  

She utilizes the metaphor as the best tool to explain topics that might be felt as external, unconnected or incomprehensible.  

She feels very proud of paying her attention on the simplest and smallest details of life. She cannot stand the brands that prioritize profit instead of taking care of earth and environment.  

Archetype: Seeker
Spirit animal: Crested Bird



The love for photography led him to study Visual Arts but the love for nature made him sit in front of a screen to illustrate the flora and fauna of his country.

Traditional graphic arts are his true love.

One day he went from watching movies to designing props and sets for movies. And he discovered that he is very good at that too.

He talks more with dogs than with people.

He is proud that his designs are seen from clothing to art galleries.

He could write a successful book on how to beat the path of least effort.

Archetype: Alchemist
Spirit Animal: Panther

Art Director


Writing has taught him to look, photography has taught him to wait and designing has taught him to organize himself.

When he makes a logo, he invokes Leonora Carrington for help to jump the holes of the common place.

He runs away from the big companies and from grandiloquence. He prefers to sweep in the mornings the dust from the previous day.

Archetype: Artist
Spirit Animal: Cardinal Bird

UX Designer


Her first option was never about studying design, it was always medicine. But over time she discovered that design also helps people.

Obsessed with creating technological products that people love.

Her mantra: “Understand the context, the problem and the user before thinking about the solution”.

Super fan of traveling, taking photos and documenting every single thing she sees.

Archetype: Rescuer
Spirit Animal: Dog

Front-End Webmaster


Cyclist from heart, engineer by profession.

He is in charge of making dreams come true on the web.

Lover of minimalism and good taste.

He doesn’t have time to deal with negativism.

His favorite famous quote: “I can, I am capable”.

Archetype: Engineer
Spirit Animal: Horse

Motion Grapher


She studied Digital Design and Multimedia because it was a world where everything she imagined could exist and it was also a career.

She is in charge of giving life and movement to ideas through animation.

Motion graphics is her bread and butter.

She is proud that her family is a matriarchy full of extraordinary women.

She loves to challenge old fashion people to put a little creativity into their lives.

Archetype: Athlete
Spirit Animal: Tiger

Marketing Strategist


She talked too much and had many friends at school, so she studied Social Communications.

She fell in love with the brands and the business. After that, she did a Master’s in Digital Marketing & Advertisement.

She is dedicated to understanding BI to apply it in marketing.

She is the one who sees the connection between business and strategic storytelling with a magnifying glass.

She is proud to be the first woman in their family tree to be an investor.

She can not deal with just conceptual proposals without any strategic purpose.

Archetype: Mediator
Spirit Animal: Horse



When a great idea enters into your consciousness, you know when it is a special gift and should be acted upon.

You hold onto this gift with a sense of awe and care. Thousands of events had to be put into order for the gift to reach you.

Write it down, make art out of it, weave it. Take your gift everywhere you go with an open heart, even on the darkest days.

Bring the gift’s essence into you, Breathe it into your bloodstream. Feel it behind your eyes. Imagine becoming one with it.

Experience the gift as an emotion, one of awe and free from fear.

If someone tells you that the gift is absurd, laugh at their position without a gift; and keep moving, breathing, and flowing.

If someone tells you achievement is impossible, don’t believe blindly. Find out for yourself.

Tune your message every time you repeat it. Sharpen your intention every time you share it.

Never force your vision to fit into someone else’s ideas and intentions. Let your gift occupy the space and time so that it may expand.

And lastly, let your gift be social and find friends. Not those who just want to make money with you, nor those who want free credit. True friends.

Then your gift will stop being just an idea, and become a never-ending story manifested into reality.